Singing the Praises of the Porsche Macan

November 21st, 2014 by

There are luxury crossovers and there’s the new 2015 Porsche Macanthat’s simply in a class by itself. Its blend of high-performance and luxury is simply unmatched by other crossovers in its segment.  As AutoTrader describes below, there are just so many reasons to love the new Macan.

While other luxury CUVs claim to deliver sportscar-like performance, the Macan actually delivers it. You’ll simply love darting around island roads in the the Macan S that’s driven by a twin-turbo V6engine However, drivers can kick it up a notch in the Macan Turbo that features a 400-horsepower, twin-turbo mill.  The Macan Turbo provides extra oomph for truly exhilarating performance.

There’s also no stone left unturned when it comes to the Macan’s richly-appointed interior. The Macan blends high-style and maximum comfort with an impressive list of features including a 7-inchtouchscreen display, Bluetooth and the optional Porsche Car Connect. To see why we love the Macan, come visit us at Porsche Hawaii in Honolulu, HI to go out for a spin today.

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