Porsche 911 Carrera Demonstrates Storage Capability

October 22nd, 2015 by

Everyone knows that the new Porsche lineup provides the highest standard in luxury performance out there. But, with many vehicles, people believe that they don’t have the storage space. Well, think again, because the Porsche 911 Carrera proves that you can carry some cargo while enjoy all the vehicle has to offer.

There are many ways to store cargo in the 911 Carrera, and that includes in the back with rear fold down seats, and in front in the hood where there is a luggage compartment that can store items for you.In addition there are places for your smartphone and other accessories. Another cool feature, especially if you feel the luggage up front is going to weigh the 911 Carrera down, or there is an uneven road surface, you can use the lift system on the front axle to raise the riding height.

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