Morning Glass Coffee and Cafe

September 30th, 2016 by

So, it’s Sunday morning and you are looking for the perfect place to brunch where you can feel like fall has begun. Currently you are thinking, “IMPOSSIBLE!  Fall in Hawaii?! There is no such thing!” But we ask you to please not underestimate the power of an amazing cup of coffee!

We have found the most perfect, little, hidden, delicious, DOG FRIENDLY, cafe that you need to try…. ASAP!

Morning Glass Coffee Cafe offers an escape from city life with relaxing vibes and mountainous views. If you go, don’t be afraid to try the Mac and Cheese Pancakes. Trust us, they are better than they sound. In fact, it is the most popular item on the menu. Another local favorite is the cinnamon latte, sure to make you feel like autumn is in the air. Click here to explore the rest of the menu.

We admit, the place is tiny, and the line can be long, but it is so worth it! If you want to dine-in you can expect about a 20 minute wait, not to worry though, because you can order coffee, pastries, and mingle with the nicest, coolest, chillest people on the island.

The coffee is Stumptown® brewed and it arrives in your hands with beautiful designs crafted by someone who you just know loves what they do. Believe us when we say that this is some of the best coffee that you will ever have! Even coffee fanatics from Portland, San Francisco, and New York approve and give their two cup clink and a very loud “cheers!”.

We hope that you will enjoy this cute little cafe just as much as we do! If you are already looking to plan a visit, click the link to find a location near you and for hours of operations.

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