Charge Your Car as Fast as You’d Fuel it.

October 28th, 2016 by

Electric Porsche

With electric vehicles on the rise, manufacturers and buyers face one very annoying inconvenience. An inconvenience that can make or break a purchase and even slow down popularity of the gas saving environmentally friendly vehicles.

It is a race to see which brand will produce the fastest charging battery first. Who will it be? Porsche is giving it a go and they are claiming to be developing an 800 volt battery that will charge in half the time that the current 400 volt porsche battery charges. This means that in just 15 minutes your electric drive Porsche could be 80% charged. It is Porsche’s mission to ensure that on long trips stopping to re-charge will be just the same as refueling, or better.

Only time will tell if the experience and convenience of fueling a gas car will be overshadowed by its successor, the electric vehicle. But since Porsche has committed to spending 2 billion dollars on U.S’s vehicle charging stations, you can be sure that they will be putting up a great fight.

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